About Us

Ekin is born out of the will of a collective of artists who decided to join forces to promote Cultural Art

Ekin is an artistic agency which regroups a collective of artists in the live arts (theatre, dance, literature, music, short-stories…). Ekin means “Culture” in Turkish, and this serves as the base of all artists to not lose sight of their mission which is the cultural aspect above all. We use art to share the cultures of the world (Canadian, Asian, African, European, Maghrebin, and those of First Nations).

Very active in the community and the professional field, Ekin offers live performances of theatre, short-stories as well as dance choreographies for schools and community organizations. We also offer French-writing workshops. Furthermore, Ekin works with organizations that promote awareness for sensitive subjects (feminisms, LGBTQ, newly arrived immigrants/refugees…) by offering drama-therapy workshops.

Since 2017, we also reach out to the francophone schools by offering multi-art workshops during the lunch period. Ekin offers summer French immersion multi-art camps in Ontario (Toronto and St. Catherine) as well as international multi-art camps (French – Canada).

Our Administrative Team (Canada and France)


Head of Administration (Canada)

Co-founder of the agency, Yves dances, acts as head administrator an assistant coordinator. He has training and apprenticeship in dance and theater with ADDYDANSE (Jazz, Hip-Hop, African dance, contemporary). He has also taken dance workshops at Alvil Ailey Dance School, Studio Harmonic, Momboye Dance Center and City Dance Corps (Canada and France).


General Coordinator (Canada)

Co-founder of the Agency, Adrienne Medjo is a theater professor, actor, choreographer, short-story teller and also stage developper. Writer and drama-therapist, she has a Master’s II in literature and performing arts. She also teaches French and theater at l'Alliance Française de Toronto (Canada and France).


Asst. Choreographer

(Canada)Dancer and actress. She has been trained in dance and theater at Addydanse Studios (Jazz, Hip-Hop, African Dance, and Contemporary) and has taken workshops in North America and in Europe in places like Alvin Ailey Dance School, Studio Harmonic, Momboye Dance Center, Broadway Dance Center, City Dance Corps, and a notable dancer from the Salsa dance group at Ste Tropez Dance School.


Asst. Coordinator


Alexia helps the production of diverse artistic projects and manages the artists and the auditions. She handles the online communication via social media as well as management of the wardrobe and lighting during events.


Music Coordinator


Co-founder of Ekin Artistic Agency and professional artist known as ''Taigenz''. He was a trumpeter in his youth and has been on tour with Wu Tang Clan in 2013. He writes all of his songs as well as gives song-writing workshops in Canada. His album "Life Ain't Free" was released respectively in 2019.


Administrative Agent (France)

She has 10 years experience in administration and she is a general manager and director of operations for the Guli Guilable boutique.  She has a high interest for African arts which are a source of inspiration for her works. She is very lively and spontaneous and communication is her strong point. Sandrine is the Ekin ambassador for projects helping the youth and women in difficult situations.


Head of Administration (France)

She has been in charge of various projects from the Ethny association in France and has also been a wardrobe specialist for five years. Mrs. Messan specializes in traditional attire during events and performances and is inspired by masks and West African traditions for her creations.