Forum Theatre

For organizations, schools, and companies


The Forum theatre proposes interactive workshops with the general public. Based on ritual theatre by Werewere Liking and Manuna Njock who were inspired by traditional African therapy, as well as following the example of Jersy Grotowski’s “Theatre Laboratoire”, the idea is to bring sensitive topics to light all while inviting the public to participate in the conversation.

  • Active theatre.
  • Engaging theatre where the actors allow the spectators to relate to the characters which allows them to think of alternative solutions to the issues being discussed.
  • The spectator thus becomes part of the whole act, and now have a say in the matter. They would be enabled to find solutions on their own.
The subjects discussed by Ekin Agency


  • Intimidation
  • Developing a passion for school (as opposed to dropping out)
  • Spices and flavours (World cultures)
  • Self-esteem and respect
  • Art history (history by following renowned artists)
  • Dream jobs



  • Intimidation
  • Discrimination
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Family
  • Rights and responsibilities