What is it for?

Healing arts via expression of self

Ekin Agency’s artistic game plan

"To reach the origin and extract what suggests to be an experience of the beginning, the move and the creation."

Movement of the body, of the brush, the voice and space
  • "movement remains an opening for the body when everything else is closed."
  • "movement always remains a factor for progress when confronted with the impossible and undoable."
  • "Dance instills the freedom of being."


Why this type of activity?
  • Because a space is created for self-expression, the application of different methods of finding solutions to problems one might be dealing with.
  • Because it is a workshop that helps one act with real life instincts.



  • To take the time to analyze one’s reality.
  • To exchange ideas and discover other people’s perspectives in similar situations.
  • To acknowledge and engage change.
  • To create a sense of prevention.