• Oasis Centre des Femmes presents Black Women’s History Month

    Discover “Feminine Heritage of African Art” in all its glory. Thursday, Feburary 25th, Oasis Centre des femmes invited us to a special evening dedicated to women by putting into highlights the artistic diversity of Black Women.

    About Oasis, Centre des Femmes

    Our services

    Our support services provide women with a space where they will be listened to without being judged, and where a woman’s perspective of her abuse or assault is the focus. All of our support services are confidential, free, and available in French for women over the age of 16.

    A bit of background

    The provision of various French-language services in Ontario was legislated in 1986. One of the ripple effects of this law, Oasis Centre des femmes was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization with a mandate to serve Francophone women who are victims or survivors of abuse. Beyond its primary focus on violence against women, the Centre continues to increase and diversify its services, also providing support to women who are immigrants, refugees or in search of employment.

    Source : Oasis Centre des femmes (English Page)


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